SIRAD® (Self-indicating Instant Radiation Alert Dosimeters) monitor radiation exposure (10 – 10,000 mSv) in the event of a radiological terrorist attack or an accident at a nuclear power plant to minimize panic and worry. Acute dose SIRAD are user-friendly, light weight (~2g), robust, unaffected by normal ambient conditions, affordable, stockpileable for ten years, tamper resistant and evident, designed to be carried 24/7 and require no batteries, calibration or maintenance. When exposed to radiation, the sensing strip of SIRAD develops blue color instantly and the color intensifies as the dose increases. Radiation exposure can be estimated simply by matching the colors of the sensing strip(s) with the adjacent color reference bars. Thus it provides the wearer and medical personnel instantaneous information on cumulative radiation exposure of the victim. They are also available with a TLD sensor.

RADTriage, a SIRAD has an indicator called FIT for monitoring false positives or negatives signals due abnormal use which also indicates when to replace it. The technology is recipient of several awards and recognitions (R&D-100, Frost & Sullivan and Edison Patent awards) and featured on ABC, BBC and FOX news. SIRAD is a field tested and proven technology. It was independently field tested during the Iraq war, by US Department of Homeland Security with 800 first responders and recently by Ministry of Defense, Government of Israel and by citizens of Japan during the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident. Nearly 400,000 SIRAD were sold in Japan within six months of the Fukushima incident.